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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

We would love to work with you in person but if time and distance won’t allow you to visit our Academy, one of our Tour Striker Coaches would be happy to review your submitted videos and give you a professional evaluation.  They will also create a personalized video showing you the drills that they believe will help you strike the ball better.

All you need is a Smart Phone with a good video camera, someone with a steady hand (or a tripod that can hold a phone) and we’ll do the rest.

You can get started in just 3 simple steps…

Step 1:   Choose your Coach then click “Buy Now” to sign up and pay.  You’ll receive an email from your coach once they receive the notification that a lesson has been purchased and you’ll set up a time frame completion of the online lesson along with instructions on where to upload your swings.

Step 2:   Record your videos.

Step 3:    Email / Upload your short video clips to your coach along with a description of your most consistent concerns about your ball contact and your ball flight.

Watch this short video on how to shoot your videos.

Instructions for Aiming your Camera:

  • Down-the-Line Video: Aim the camera at your hands and at a height that is between your hands and chest.
  • Face-On Video: Aim the camera at the area of your chest between your arms.

**Please make sure we can see your entire swing/club in the video

Once your swings have been received by us, your Tour Striker Coach will analyze your swing and create personalized video that contains the following:

  • Voice-over analysis of your golf swing
  • Recommended areas of improvement
  • Personalized drills for improvement

If you have any questions before purchasing and submitting your swings, please contact Brett Gorney, PGA Coach –

Click Here for Tour Striker Coach Bios

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